The neuro shopper experience, which reveals unconscious information such as where the consumer looks on the shelf, how he/she feels when he/she sees a particular product, when he/she is closer to making a buying decision, how to plan neighbouring shelf products, what kind of packaging attracts attention and distinguishes itself from competitors, what the right strategy to follow for different categories is and so forth.

The image is symbolic. It does not reflect real data.

ThinkNeuro has been performing ShopperX research for various Turkish clients for over a year by synchronizing eye tracking and EEG devices, shedding a light on unconscious influences over the in-store experience, which has remained a “black box” for marketing professionals up until now.

In its in-store experience results ThinkNeuro combines neuromarketing literature and its experience and expertise to provide its clients with a doable action plan.

Eye tracking analizleri mutlaka beyin datasıyla desteklenir.

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