With the aim to find “real” answers to marketing questions by delving into consumers’ unconscious through neuromarketing research, ThinkNeuro analyses the unconscious reactions of its target group with a brain EEG algorithm when they engage with advertisements, marketing tools, catch phrases and so forth. At the conclusion of the analysis, data relating to “attention”, “frustration” and “emotional arousal” are obtained on a second by second basis for the duration of the advertisement and a final neuroscore for the advertisement is determined. Systematic and non-systematic errors stemming from the nature of conventional market research are minimised with the help of this technique since it does not involve any questions and/or questionnaires.


The ThinkNeuro team has been closely following the developments in the medical, neurology and neuropsychology fields for three years, analyzing each and every article related to the subject. Having the responsibility of being the first neuromarketing company Turkey, the ThinkNeuro team has been testing these findings for Turkish consumer. In addition to using internationally recognized / international methods, ThinkNeuro continuously develops its own methodological approach to respond to client needs in the best way.