In determining its research budget and duration, ThinkNeuro is bringing in a competitive edge to the market with the aim to spread the neuromarketing concept to a wider audience. In doing so, a large number of companies are given the opportunity to analyze their target group with greater accuracy and clarity and therefore have the ability to carry out their marketing activities more effectively.

More importantly, an advertising study (AdNeuro™) takes about 3 days to present. This period becomes 20 days when it comes to neuro shopper research. Neuromarketing Neuromarketing research is beneficial in terms of both short delivery times and its high (mass) representation ability with a low sample error.

To summarize, ThinkNeuro is introducing a never-been-done research technique in Turkey that surpasses conventional methods in its ability to provide:

  • shorter delivery times
  • better insight
  • emotions expressed in figures
  • convenient budget
  • home-like environment
  • low sample tolerance limits
  • high representation ability

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