Nothing’s going to be the same in advertising research!

Over the last ten years there has been a tremendous change in marketing research all over the world. Conventional marketing research is being replaced by neuromarketing research in advertising and brand related research. The most appealing feature of neuromarketing research is its ability to measure consumer emotions when faced with marketing arguments, especially TV commercials. To give an example, a 30 second advertisement measurement results in ten thousands of EEG data for each participant, which is then analyzed with a specially developed statistical model. Therefore, it becomes possible to determine the emotions experienced by participants for each and every second when watching an advertisement.

Today’s companies are aware of the fact that they should establish emotional bonds with their customers instead of emphasizing their products’ functional features. Though the emotional dimension of marketing communications is becoming more important, traditional advertising measurements (pre-test, post-test) are considered insufficient in terms of revealing emotion. Focus group studies or quantitative measurements which attempt to gather unconscious information by asking questions on a conscious level, lead to critical formation/information defects / irregularities. ThinkNeuro is able to measure the emotions experienced by consumers for every second of an advertisement by analyzing their brain waves. And, all this is done without having to ask the consumer any questions.

AdNeuro™ measurements are performed in a Neurolab which has been designed as a standard living room to resemble a home environment. Individual measurements are done individually with participant groups of 24 or 32. Research costs do not differ significantly from conventional research methods. With such a representative sample, it is possible to collect significantly reliable information. Given that the same regions of the brain are active in all human beings experiencing the same emotion, the level of internal consistency is also very high.