In retrospect people are unable to understand the reasons behind many of their choices and when asked why they like or prefer a certain product or similar, they find it difficult to articulate an answer to the question. The underlying reason for this is the fact that the source of all our decisions, especially buying decision, is the unconscious. There are more questions related to the unconscious than answers. It is at this point where neuromarketing research helps to shine a light into consumers’ minds to uncover the real answers to these questions in a very short time frame.

Neuromarketing research is spreading rapidly in developed countries. One of the reasons for the increase in neuromarketing research is that contrary to popular belief, the costs are similar to that of conventional research, sometimes even less costly. Neuromarketing research has the ability to reach data with high levels of reliability with a low number of participants due to the fact that the same regions of the brain are active when a human being experiences a certain feeling.