The fundamental principal of marketing is to understand people with their consumer identity. 21St Century Science reveals the fact that people act on their emotions. To understand the human beings whose choices fail to be rational, goes through understanding them emotionally. Neuromarketing research reveals consumer emotions,hence the source of behavior.


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How conscious we are when we decide to buy things?

In the modern world, we are constantly bombarded by information coming from the brands. Consumers who are obliged to make a decision to buy, cannot process all the information rationally therefore, they rely on emotional shortcuts.

The decision to buy which is deeply rooted in emotions is shaped in the unconscious mind. Neuromarketing is the science that without asking people, brings forth the consumer emotions and deep insight.

Where do we use Neuromarketing?

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In brand positioning, shopping experiences, package designs, marketing communications and advertisement strategies, we observe the unconscious responses of people and assure maximum efficiency in businesses' marketing activities.
We can evaluate an advertisement before it airs or a packaging design before it's produced. Neuromarketing enables us to evaluate these even at their story board stage.

What do we create?

With Neuromarketing techniques businesses which can understand their consumers emotionally differ from their competitors swiftly. Businesses which use marketing tools that can address consumer emotions and that are compatible with their cognitive processes, empower brand connection while decoding consumer behavior.